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To keep your leather products looking and feeling great over time, it is important to protect them the right way. 

Over time leather may dry out. Using specialty oil and conditioner, the leather can be brought back to a supple state with a beautiful finish.

The flagship product “Artisan’s Son Leather Conditioner” is a formula which is professionally made, tested and created with passion.

A superior 100% natural wax blend which produces superior results.

Please note the right product needs to be used to produce the desired finish and most colours are initially darkened through the use of a leather oil or conditioner. For suede products we recommend using a suede shampoo to clean, rather than conditioner.

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Artisan's Son Leather Conditioner
  • $20.00
Artisan's Son Heritage Leather Care Kit
  • $75.00
Gift Voucher (Hard Copy)
  • From $50.00
Gift Voucher (Online Use)
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